MAY 2022






Dear Friend:


First, I give honor to Jehovah-Rohi (The Lord my Shepherd), Jesus the Christ.  Wow, we are almost at the halfway mark of the year and time seems to be moving so fast.  I pray that you are drawing closer to God than ever before in this uncertain season in our generation. 


This month, we are staring a new teaching entitled “Sowing and Reaping”.  The Holy Spirit has instructed me to teach on a subject that many believers don’t understand or may not have been taught in this area of finances.    However, if you are a true believer of Jesus and believe the Word of God, you want to prosper the way God has designed it.  I believe that way is called, Sowing and Reaping.


In the Book of Genesis 8:22, it tells us:  While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.


As the world around us seems to be growing darker, many Christians are rejecting God and His ways.  I want to encourage you to continue to obey the Word of God in every area of your life.  I talk to many Christians that are broke, busted and disgusted, struggling financially and on their way to heaven but not enjoying their journey.  Don’t get me wrong, Salvation is the most important thing that we can receive in life; however, God’s design for

us as His people is not for us to be broke, busted, disgusted and struggling financially. 


This principle of Sowing and Reaping can be applied in every area of your life, not just financially.  When you understand that no matter what you plant (Sow), it will come back to you.  You will reap more than what you

have sown.  If you plant (Sow) love, you will Reap Love.  If you plant (Sow) disrespect, you will Reap disrespect. 


Although the principle of Sowing and Reaping can be applied in every area of our life, the Lord instructed me to teach on tithing, God’s way.  God wants our finances to be blessed so that we can be a blessing to the Kingdom of God.  How can you be a blessing to others financially if you do not have the finances or resources to even take care of your need?


If you are not being blessed in your finances as a child of God, I encourage you to examine that area of your life (tithing and giving God’s Way).  God wants us to be blessed in the area of our finances, and tithing is the gateway.

Words of Wisdom (WOW), your finances will go only as far as your obedience to God’s Word as a Christian. 

Many believers say they love God and believe His Word, but don’t practice the principle concerning tithing

(Sowing and Reaping).


Because of a lack of knowledge that I walked in and the wrong teaching that I received, I didn’t obey God’s Word concerning tithing for many years.  However, when I learned the truth about the tithe and started practicing the principle in my life, my financial supply has never run out. 


In these teachings, I want to share with you what God has taught me concerning Sowing and Reaping.  I promise you that if you work the Word of God in this area of your life, things will never be the same.  When you understand the principle of (Sowing and Reaping) tithing and giving, you will look for ways to allow God to use you to be an extension of His hand (financially).  We will continue this teaching next month to encourage you to be a Sower and Reaper according to the Word of God.


Mennie and I thank God for you.  I am grateful that you believe in the principles of Sowing and Reaping because of your faithful partnership with Blessed To Be A Blessing Outreach Ministries.  It is evident in the seeds that you plant (Sow) to support the underprivileged.  Thank you for your love, support and prayers.  Please know and understand that you can never out give God.  The more you give, the more it will come back to you, so that you can continue to Be Blessed To Be A Blessing!


In His Will, 

Dr. Joseph Morrison, D.Min





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