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Dear Friend:


I first give honor to my Lord, my Savior, the Great I am that I am; Jesus the Christ.  I pray that this month’s newsletter finds you counting your blessings and giving God All The Glory


The word Glory, when referring to God from the Latin, means (Gloria, fame, renown).  It is used to describe the manifestation of God’s presence as perceived by humans.  Glory is a word used in the Bible to describe God’s eternal splendor and majesty.  God created people in His image to share in His glory, and He endowed them with gifts enabling them to honor Him with their lives. 


It should come a point in every Christian’s life when they should be able to realize that all the blessings that we have are only because of the grace of God. We should give God all the Glory, because without Him, we could do nothing.  In the book of John 15:5, it tells us:   I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.


Let me encourage you to never take things for granted in life.  Things like being able to walk unassisted, a sound mind and able to even read.  Having the movement of your limbs and able to work a job to pay your bills.  A roof over your head and food to eat.  I could go own and own of so many things that we sometimes take for granted, but shouldn’t.  Because, I personally know many that are not able to enjoy these blessings that I just mentioned due to being paralyzed, disabled, etc.  


So, let’s always be thankful to God and give Him all the Glory for the blessings in our lives.  We must keep in mind, that if we depend on our strength and ability without giving God all the Glory for the great things that He is doing in our lives, we will become prideful and fall.  In the book of Proverbs 16:18 (NLT) Pride goes before destruction, and haughtiness (having or showing arrogance) before a fall.


The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said:  when we as His Children will give Him all the Glory for the little things, we have favor in that area of our lives.  Let us not make the mistake of thinking we are the reason why we are where we are in life and that we are the reason that we have what we have.   Always Give God the Glory!

Mennie and I Give All The Glory to God for you being an important part of this outreach ministry.  Because of your prayers, love, support and partnership, we are able to continue to be an extension of God’s hand to help the under-privileged.  Please know that every seed that you sow will be give back to you in good measure, according to Luke 6:38.  And I can make you a promise, based on God’s Word and my own personal experience, that when you support the things of God you will continue to be Blessed To Be A Blessing in Jesus Name. 


In His Will,

Dr. Joseph Morrison, D.Min




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