Dear Friend:


I first give honor to my Lord and Savior, El-Olam (The Everlasting God), Jesus the Christ.  I pray that this month’s WOW Newsletter finds you with unlimited Faith in the Finished Work of the Cross.


This month we are starting part III of our Teaching entitled, Who Do You Say I am?  Jesus asked many questions during His earthly ministry; that seems to be one of His favorite teaching tools.  The context of Jesus’ question, Who Do You Say That I Am is very important to all of us.  When Jesus asked His disciples that question, He was provoking the disciples to consider their level of faith.


In the book of Romans 1:17, the Word of God tells us that the just shall live by faith.  If there has ever been a time in our generation that we must have our faith in the finish work of the cross by the son of God, Jesus the Christ, the time is NOW!  Can I get an Amen?


In response to the question to the disciples, they responded based on several things they had heard.  The crowds viewed Jesus as someone special, but their assumptions were wrong.  Some said that He was John the Baptist and others thought He was Elijah.  Then we had those that thought He was one of the prophets of old that had come back to life. 


We must understand as I stated earlier, that when Jesus asked this question; Who Do You Say That I am, wasn’t for His benefit or knowledge because He knew well the answer, but it was an example of His teaching methods that requires a response from us. 


As we study the written Word of God and learn who Jesus really is and the awesome price He paid, we will be able to rightly answer this question.  Jesus paid the price (the  debt of sin) for us by His grace so that we could once again have right standing with our Father God because our right standing was lost during the Fall of Man.  Once we understand who Jesus is and develop that personal relationship with Him, our Faith will begin to grow.  All of us as born again, blood washed children of God are called to grow in Faith.  So many believers have accepted Jesus as Savior but never made Him Lord by developing a relationship with him and don’t have the correct answer to Jesus’ question.


There is always much more to know about Jesus.  The disciples had seen many miracles including the raising of a widow’s son in Nain, the calming of a storm, the casting out of many demons from a man in the Gadarenes and the feeding of the 5000 with two fish and five loaves of bread.  However, they really didn’t know who He was.  Peter was the only one that answered the question from Jesus: Who Do You Say That I Am?  Peter’s reply: Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.  By Jesus’s grace, He opened the other disciple’s eyes to see Him for who He truly was. 


The disciples walked with Jesus; however, Jesus couldn’t be everywhere at one time when He walked the earth with them.  However, now He (Jesus) is as close to us as the mention of His name by His powerful Holy Spirit.  He left us His Living Will for our life; His Word, the Bible.  When we make the wise decision to transform our minds by this powerful Word of God, you will know Who He Is.  You will also be prepared to give an answer to everyone that ask you to give a reason for the hope that you have (I Peter 3:15).


I trust that this teaching has been a blessing to you and you can answer Jesus’ question as Peter did and experience Him in an amazing way in your life.  Mennie and I are so grateful for you.  Because of your love, prayers and support we are able to continue to help those in need.  Your support speaks volumes especially during these times of uncertainty.  We as children of God can be certain that the blood of Jesus has never lost any of its power.  His promises of protection are ours and we can rest assured that He will supply all of our needs according to His riches in glory.  We speak health and peace over you and say: Yes and Amen.  Thanks again for being a team player on this winning team for Jesus! 


In His Will, 

Dr. Joseph Morrison, D.Min




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