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YEARS:  2016-2021

(Even thou some of these Words were directly to me and Joseph, I believe that they can still minister and Bless you)


Word of the Lord for Joseph and Me as we enter 2016

Written 1/9/16  (PART I)

In December 2015, I heard this one word from God, “TRANSITION”.  So as always, I immediately paid attention to the voice of the Holy Spirit as to what He may say to me regarding “Transition”.  In addition to hearing this word personally, I also heard Pastor Elaine of Trinity Fellowship say this word in a prayer she prayed over me in December 2015, not even knowing that the Holy Spirit had spoken this same word to me.

As I sat quietly before the Lord on January 9th 2016, I heard the Holy Spirit speak to my spirit and say:  This year will start areas of transition in our lives.  So as always, I looked up the Word Transition and found it to mean:  Movement, passage, or change from on position, state, stage to another, change.  From that, I heard the Holy Spirit saying that this will be a season of movement from one place in Him to a greater place.  Being changed from the inside out into His image and likeness one step at a time, one day at a time.  Going from Glory to Glory, Victory to Victory and Faith to Faith.

Transition in ministry.  Passage ways are being open, doors that seem to have been closed and shut will be opened.

Yes, my son and daughter, I’ve seen your faithfulness and I will reward.  My daughter, I’ve seen your diligence to work at BGEA and BTBAB and I have not forgotten.  I know your heart and I will give you those desires and even more.  I honor and bless faithfulness.  I’ve also seen the faithfulness of my faithful son, Joseph; and, that too has not gone un-noticed or forgotten.  I keep good records, good and bad so always purpose to honor me by doing good.

I honor your prayer and intercession, so never stop praying and interceding for others.  Your prayers are availing much. 

This transition will cause the vision and purpose for your lives to come to past.  I have already given you purpose, vision, now you will see the Transition of the manifestation of the vision; the coming to past of the vision.  The passage is the vision coming from the Spirit into the natural.

Written 1-10-16 (PART II)

As I make you and my son aware of transition, understand that death has to happen.  No, not a natural death but a spiritual one, because it is necessary to change, to move forward in Me.  Let’s look at natural death.  You will have to die a natural death one day, shedding your earth suit in order for your spirit to live with me forever.  There has to be a change physically for the exchange (spending eternity with me) to happen.  So, that’s what I am calling you and Joseph to do, and that is die to what you are; your carnal selfish ways and allow me to live in and through you.  The dying process is necessary.  It is not comfortable but necessary. 

You will never see the full manifestation in your lives until you choose to die.  It is a process and you both have my Holy Spirit big on the inside of you to help you.  However, you have to Yield to Him, Listen to Him and Obey Him. 

I Love you both with an everlasting Love and I am with you.  Do not be afraid or dismayed about anything but be Bold in Me and the Power of my might.  I have and will continue to raise up warriors and those that will be on the frontline.  I have called you both to be one of those warriors and the calling will cost you your life, not your physically life but your life of dedication and commitment to Me.  A surrenderence of your all. 

As you have looked up the word transition and you found it to mean: movement, passage, change from one position, stage, state to another; know that this transition is not only for you but for those I will bring into your lives to help fulfill the vision.  Part of the transition is to connect you with people of vision and purpose that will assist you in what I have called you to do for my Kingdom.  My daughter, remember when I spoke to you years ago to begin to pray for spiritual mentors, well this transition will bring them into your lives.  You will know who they are by my Spirit.  Don’t be anxious or try to figure it out, because you will know.  I will show you and tell you, so be on the lookout for these persons.  Everyone needs a mentor(s) in their lives. 

Prepare your heart for what I desire to do in you and through you.  I’ve seen your willingness to serve me and I will use you even the more.  Know that it will not be by your might, your power but by My Spirit and your obedience

My son and daughter continue to Rest In Me and be ever sensitive to My voice.  There are many voices in the land, but you must hear ME.  I am preparing you to help prepare my Body to live like Kingdom citizens.  The Body, that I said I am coming back for is not ready, so there is much work to do.  Let it start in you then spread out of you to others. 

Don’t be concerned about your children, they all will turn to Me and serve Me.  I’ve heard your prayers of Faith in my Word and I honor my Word; I am a Promise Keeper.

The wisdom that you need the clarity and direction that you both have been asking for regarding BTBAB will come.  The enemy will try to distract you in many ways this year, but don’t be distracted; always listen and I will lead.  You have been somewhat comfortable in this place of ministry but know it is time for Movement, Passage and Change.  Greatness is on the inside of you but allow me to cultivate all I’ve put on the inside. 

Everything you need is in Me.  My Word declares that it is in Me you live, move and have your being.  Stay in Me; abide in Me and I in you and you will never fail

If it’s ever been a time to walk in discernment and be aware of the times and seasons, it is now.  Stay close to me so you can Hear My voice.  It is important that you know the real and the genuine move of My Spirit verses the counterfeit.

Stay in your lane of anointing and gifting and do exactly as I have instructed, no more or no less than what I instruct you to do.  Obey me in the smallest of things.  Don’t be ashamed or intimated to share my Word everywhere you go. 


In November 2016 the week of Thanksgiving me and my husband was spending a few days at Myrtle Beach, SC.  As we were getting our morning walk and praying, I heard the Holy Spirit speak this to my spirit:  As We stand for miracles and divine intervention for our loved ones and friends; He (the Holy Spirit) said that people (Christians) and the world will not be able to “Deny an Undeniable Miracle”.  This powerful Word so resonated in my spirit to know and understand that it is time for not only the world to see the miracle working power of God manifest but God’s people need to see and begin to operate in the divine power of God. 



As I began to ask God for His Word for me and my husband as we enter 2017, this is what I heard:  Possess the Promises of God to Fulfill the Plan of God.

My body is entering into a realm of the supernatural like you have never seen before.  Not all will Believe or Receive, but those that would dare to open up their hearts, minds and spirit to my Spirit will see and experience my Power like never before.

As you enter 2017 it is vitally important that you know my WORD.  When you know my Word, you will know Me.  (John 1:1).  I am calling you into this deep intimate place with me.  You say you want to see my Glory and Power manifested, well, you will only really see my Power and experience me in that way as you get to know me better.  Possessing My Promises to fulfill My Plan will require a life of surrender, obedience and consistency.  A Life of Faithfulness.

My promises have already been given, they must be possessed, taken hold of so that they can be fulfilled in your life.  None of my children should live in defeat; I have paid the ultimate price for my people to live in Victory, but few of those really live there.  Will you be among the ones that live in my Victory?

2015 I spoke to you: The Year of See.  2016 was the Year of TransitionNow, 2017 is your Year to Go and Possess the Promises To Fulfill My Plan.  As you see me and I reveal direction, don’t be afraid to step out in Faith and Possess.  I’ve already given you everything you need in the natural and spiritual to fulfill my plan for your life.  You just need my clear and precise direction on how to obtain it.

My daughter, as I have instructed you years ago to pray for Spiritual Mentors and more recently Divine Connections, know that I’ve already provided them.  Seek me as to who they are and don’t be afraid to receive them into your lives.

TRUST (Totally Rest Under The Security of the Truth of God’s Word) Me and don’t be moved by what you feel or see in the natural but know that I am a supernatural God and I am working on your behalf.  Don’t be afraid to obey and don’t be afraid of failure (Psalm 55:22 and Psalm 9:10 (AMP).

My Holy Spirit is your ultimate Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation; however, you must seek God and sound counsel of those I have given you.  Those that have walked where you are going and that love and support the vision I’ve given you.

Understand Stewardship.  I’ve trusted you as you’ve proven to be faithful stewards.  Don’t hold onto anything to tightly but understand stewardship; that is vitally important to Possessing my Promise and Fulfilling My Plans




Given 12-27-2017

At the end of every year for many years, I have personally sought the Holy Spirit to see if He had anything specific to say to Joseph and I as we entered into a new year.  Well, at the end of 2017 in the month of December, the Holy Spirit spoke this to me:

I will be the God that Redeems the time, Restores the soul and Repairs the breach.  There has been much time lost, but as you yield to me, I will Redeem.  Many souls (mind, will and emotions of my people) have been lost to the cares, depression, anxiety of the world, and I will Restore.  There has been much brokenness, strife, discord and division in my Body but I the Lord your God will Repair.  Totally yield to me so that you can receive my Redeeming, Restoring and Repairing Power.


Detailed Specific Word for us: (Joseph and Mennie) Perhaps as you read it will resonate with you as well.

My son and daughter I want to redeem, restore and repair.  Will you allow me to do this in your life starting in year of 2018?  There has been much time lost, but I the Lord thy God am willing to Redeem.  However, in order for the time to be Redeemed, you have to understand the times, the seasons and My still small voice.  Redemption will also come as you open your heart and mind to sound, Godly and wise counsel that I will bring your way. 

Yes, I am the God that wants to Restore for you.  Things that have been lost to the enemy in various ways.  Restoration to your mental and emotional state to that of wholeness in every area (your love for one another, affection and intimacy).  So many areas for you and your family will Restoration come. 

Lastly, I want to Repair the broken and separated places and things in your lives.  Everything that the enemy has meant for you and your children’s bad and defeat, I the Lord your God will Redeem, Restore and Repair but only as you allow me to.

This year will require a life of surrender, dedication and commitment like never before.  You have to stay and live in my presence in order to experience my Glory of Redemption, Restoration and Repairing for you and your family and many that you have been standing for.

Redemption, Restoring and Repairing has to take place for you and my entire Body so that I can raise you up to be the Mighty Army of Believers and so that you can bring my Kingdom to the earth.  Yield to my will, plan and purpose so that you will experience my Redeeming, Restoring and Repairing Power



Word of the Lord for 2019 given at the end of 2018

Around the 1st or 2nd week of December 2018 around 5:45 am I was praying on my way to work as I always do.  Out of my spirit I heard these words loudly:  Step In, Step Up and Step Out.  As I pondered on these words, I wondered if this would be my Word for the New Year of 2019 and it was confirmed that very day this is what the Lord was giving me for the New Year.

On Thursday December 27th 1:10 pm Holy Spirit began to speak more to me about what He was saying when He spoke:  Step In, Step Up and Step Out and this is the rest of what He gave me;

God our Father through the power of the Holy Spirit is calling us (His People) to Step In to Him as never before.  We in Him and Him in us.  We can’t afford to be outside of Him but we must be in Him and Him in us in Union and Harmony.

Once we are completely in Him, we can then began to Step Up in Him.  Coming up higher with Him by the Holy Spirit.  It is in that higher place (Stepping Up) that we will truly find safety, rest, peace, instruction and all we need for our lives.  Then He said Step Out

When we Step In to Him, then Up to Him, He will cause us to Step Out of Him in great Power and Demonstration of Holy Spirit.  Manifesting God’s Glory to a world that is in desperate need to see His Glory, Goodness and Kindness.  Will you be one in 2019 that will Step In, Step Up and Step Out?

These are some scripture references that He has given me in regards to this Word:

John 15:1-8, Psalm 91, Matthew 11:28, Acts 1:8, Romans 5:1-2,  I Corinthians 2:4(AMP), Galatians 3:27, Ephesians 6:10, Colossians 2:6 and I John 4:17 (All from the Amplified Version) Powerful Scriptures about us Stepping In, Stepping Up and Stepping Out in God.




Given on 12-15-2019 9:54 am

I felt impressed to begin to write.  I always purpose to still myself and quiet my spirit at the end of one year as we embark on a brand New Year to hear what Holy Spirit has to speak.  Below is what I heard:

The enemy is turning up the heat for many of my people as you approach 2020 because he knows the Great things I have in store for you and he doesn’t want you to walk in that place with Me.  Do not be moved by the end of the year (2019) attacks; however, be aware that it is the enemy.  Seek me, and inquire of me for the answer.

The Year of 2020 will be the Year of Double Vision.  What I mean by that is the vision and plans that I have given you in the past will manifest in (2s) Double, Expeditiously, Exponential.  As you are rejoicing over one blessing manifesting, here comes another.  This will be a Year of Great Clarity and Insight by my SpiritRevelation Knowledge as never before will come to those that are constantly and continually seeking me. 

This Year you will See like you’ve never seen before, not with your natural eyes but in the Spirit.  However this kind of Seeing and Revelation will require closeness with Me.  Walking in tune and step with me.  Not looking to the left or right but staying Single eyed and Mind; Focus Vision.

You will receive Revelation knowledge, some things that you’ve not understood will began to be revealed and be made clear.  But, remember this will only happen in your life in this New Year of 2020 when you Seek Me with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding.  As you, stay close to me and My Word, Expect to See and Hear!

2020 will be the Year for You of Double Vision, Clarity, Insight, Revelation and Power.  You will begin to walk in a greater level of Power and Authority as you walk with me; in step and in tune, having you Spiritual senses aligned with Me.  Never lose the ability to Hear and See.  It is vital that you Hear Me, See Me and Obey My every command.  You cannot afford to walk in disobedience; it is time to walk in maturity, character and integrity as never before. 

Discernment is the Key in the New Year and season of 2020 and beyond.  Make sure you’re walking in the Spirit so that you’re not fulfilling the deeds of the flesh.  There will be much counterfeit of the enemy but as you walk with me you will Discern the Truth from a lie by my Spirit and Word.  Judge everything by my Word and the leading of my Spirit and you will not be deceived. 

This Year, I am requiring a more dedicated, surrendered and willing heart.  The Year of 2020 will be a year of Great Expectation that the Vision, Plans and Purposes for you will begin to manifest Doubly, Double Vision.  This is your Year to See, Believe and Receive; Don’t let it Pass you by!



Word of Exhortation from Holy Spirit for 2021 and Beyond

Given on December 31, 2021 right before we entered into a brand New Year.


As a New Year (2021) is on the horizon, I am sounding a Clarion Call to my people to be the Salt of the Earth and Light of the World (Matthew 5:13-16).

All creation is waiting on my Body to be who I’ve called you to Be.  The Strong, Courageous army of men, women, boys and girls changing a society and cultural with my Word (The Gospel) and my Spirit.  So many in my Body have failed to be who I created and ordained you to be; a Body without spot, wrinkle or blemish (Ephesians 5:27).

Now is the time like never before for you to season (affect, enhance) a dry, dull and thirsty world.  Now is the time for you to dispel the darkness by being my Light in this dark and gloomy world.

Where there is gross darkness, my Great Light in you should Shine (Isaiah 60:2). I want my glorious Light to arise out of You bringing the message of Salvation (which includes, Hope, Healing, Restoration, Provision and so much more).  I Long for my People to Know me in a real, up close and personal way.  Then, they are able to make me Known to the World by being the SALT and LIGHT.

There has been so much strife, turmoil and division among my people and it Breaks my heart.  But, now it’s time to make a decision of whose side are you on.  If the Lord’s side then Be the Salt and Light.

There are so many in the valley of decision (Joel 3:14)Decide this day whom you will serve (Deuteronomy 30:19 and Joshua 24:15).  It is Decision Time, You must choose, no more hanging in the balance tipping to the left or right.  Choose your side and Choose Right; then I will help you to be that Salt (which preserves and enhances) and the Light (which illuminates darkness and pushes it back).  Where Light is, darkness can’t Be!

My Call to you my daughter, my son and all my Body on this 31st day of December 2020, Be The Salt and Light.  The Time is Now, the World needs You!  Will you answer my Clarion call, the call of my Heart Today?


(HEARD) ON JANUARY 21, 2021 WRITTEN ON JANUARY 28,2021 2:45pm

As I was driving home from work one on Thursday afternoon 1-21-2021, I begin to question the Lord as to what was going on in our nation especially with the election and what so many prophetic voices had said and was saying.  Shortly after I voiced these words either audibly or in my mind, I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me and said the words:  Shock and Awe. 


I was a little stunned and said to Holy Spirit, what do you mean?  I also remembered that I had heard these same words before.  At the time, I could not remember who had spoken them but knew it was a prophetic voice that I had heard on Youtube.  A few days later, I searched Youtube these words “Shock and Awe and Hank Kunneman’s name came up.  He was the one that I heard say these words.  However, this was the first time that I personally heard them in my spirit.  God always confirms His Word.  I did not replay Hank’s Youtube video, as I wanted to wait to see if the Holy Spirit would reveal to me anything about Shock and Awe.

Fast Forward January 28th, 2021 early in the morning between 6:15-6:30 am at my desk at BGEA, I sensed the Holy Spirit saying more to me about the words Shock and Awe.  I felt I heard Holy Spirit saying that many of His people would regret their choice in who they put in office in 2021.  Many would suffer because of it and the policy and agenda that is coming from this administration.  Many will repent but their choices will affect them negatively.  Then I remembered the scripture that the Lord had given me a year ago to declare and decree (Psalm 9:10) over BG/SP mainly but an awesome promise for all of God's people.  When Holy Spirit spoke these (2) words to me, I asked the Lord does this scripture have anything to do with Shock and Awe??   So we will see if I receive anything else from Holy Spirt in regards. 





I want to share this Word with you just as I heard Holy Spirit minister it to me.


The date was 12-9-2021 at around 7:00am.  As I was praying for a dear friend and sister who has been battling some things in her body, I heard the Word EXPECTATION.  So, I immediately asked Holy Spirit, is this my Word for the year of 2022?  As I prayed even more, I heard it again (EXPECTATION), so I began to write:

As we enter into 2022 and Beyond, it will truly be a time of Expecting-Expectation to See the Manifestation.  It will also be a time of Great Revelation, a Revealing of my Will and Purpose for those that are close to me and inclined to my voice. 

Wisdom and Insight is key to following me and being successful and victorious in this season.  Obedience is a Must (a necessity).  I am doing a new thing in this season.  Things will not look and be the same but follow me in all that I direct because I am the Good Shepherd and I will lead you into Green Pastures. 

It’s imperative that you keep your eyes on me and me only.  There is so much in the world and systems that are seeking your attention but don’t look there.  Keep your eyes on Me.  Looking to me because I am the Author and Finisher of your Faith.  In this time of Expectation and Manifestation, Expect to see in the Spirit with Spiritual eyes as well as the natural.

Those that are not pursuing the supernatural Power of God; Expectation to see my Manifestation, they will NOT SEE.  However, those of you that will be Bold and Step out in this place with me will SEE GREAT and MIGHTY Things.  

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