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    Our Vision
  • To preach the Uncompromising Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through every means available.

  • To demonstrate the works of God in the earth through the power of the Holy Spirit one person at a time.

  • To minister to the poor and needy through the Word of God and by providing various resources: food, shelter, counseling, etc.

  • To minister to the elderly, bringing hope and encouragement through various outreach ministries

  • To minister to the youth, training and developing them in the Word of God and teaching them to practice it in everyday living to make a positive difference in our society.

  • To fulfill the plan and purpose of this ministry for the Glory of God

  • To be abundantly blessed by God in every area of life, so that we can be an abundant blessing to the Body of Christ and the world.



Our Purpose


  •   To fulfill the plan of God by preaching the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to a lost, dying and desperate world.  To see multitudes won into the Kingdom of God


  •    To teach, train and equip the people of God in the things of God for everyday living.


  •   To teach the Word of God to the Body of Christ letting them know, What they have, Who they are, and What they can do in and through the Power of the Holy Spirit.


  •   To minister to the Body of Christ not only in spiritual things, but practical everyday living.


  •    To minister to the poor, needy, homeless, orphans, widows and elderly


  •  Extend outside of the four walls into the highways and streets with the Love of God and His Word.



Our Statement of Faith


We Believe………………………


  The Bible to be the infallible Word of God. 2Tim.  3:16, 1      Peter 1:20 & 21


  That God is the creator of the universe.  Gen. 1:1, John       1:3


  That God has manifested Himself as God the Father, God   the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  Matt. 3:16 & 17


  That mankind is saved by Faith in the Finished Work of       the Cross-by Jesus Christ.  We believe that Jesus was         born of a virgin, died, was buried and rose again from       the dead that man could have eternal life.  Isaiah. 43:11,

  John 3:16, Eph. 2:8


 That the Holy Spirit took Jesus’ place here on earth, and     is living inside of believers doing the work of                         sanctification of God’s will to develop the Father’s               character in them.  John 14:26

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